Professional Truffle Shaver/Slicer with HRON Handle | Made in Italy

SKU: 00850007182069



In stainless steel and precious HORN HANDLE . Stainless steel blades, manufactured and sharpened with the best materials and the greatest care, and the high-quality adjusting screw allow to cut perfect slices, with thickness from 0,2 to 3 mm and without loss of food.


Perfect also for Mushrooms, Vegetables, Cheese and Chocolate.


Stainless steel truffle slicer, Horn Handle | Mandoline à truffes en inox avec manche en palissandre | Trüffelhobel, rostfrei mit Palisander griff  | Mandolina para laminar trufas, acero inoxidable y mango de palisandroccc

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